2017 Winners

The Taste Obsession


Gold Agency of the Year: Cossette

The Challenge

A wall of plastic tubs and discounted prices plagued the overcrowded yogurt aisle, driving a commoditized market. Consumer perception dictated that all yogurts were made the same, making it difficult to sell premium yogurt, like Liberté, at a higher price point in the category. And, sales were reflecting this sentiment with flat growth for the previous two years.

The Insight

There are those who live to eat and those people live for the experience of food. In fact, they are obsessed with the sounds, flavours, colours and aromas; they see beyond the basics of food and into the passion and the artistry.

At 9% fat, agency Cossette needed to elevate Liberté beyond a simple yogurt into a more complex canvas from which exceptional food experiences are created. Liberté needed to rise above the category, not as an addition to a meal, but rather as the focal point of creation and food experience.

The brand needed to define itself as the canvas for passion, a badge for those who know food and love food.

Thus, Liberté and Cossette created “The Obsession of Taste” platform.

The Plan

Everything the team did revolved around obsession with an obsessive focus – meticulous details, beautifully focused macro-photography and volumes of content.

They kicked off with a PR event and videos of Taste Makers like Judith Noel Gagnon, Mycoboutique director and biologist, taste artist Nicolas Fonseca and microdistiller Paul Cirka, all of whom were selected for their obsessive passion for food and attention to detail and discussed their one true love.

The Taste Makers were tasked with creating edible art on a platform of Liberté yogurt and these videos were seeded through targeted art and food sites online.

The team then flooded social media with “Flavour Bombs,” short animated GIFs of yogurt art in the making that were equally beautiful and inspiring and intended to add visual value to platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

They launched a 60-second online film that played out like a love affair between the canvas and the obsessed creator, which was purposefully slow, gritty, sexy and beautiful.

Finally, the brand obsessively plastered the city with wild postings and OOH experiences that showcased the many artful creations facilitated by Liberté.

The Results

-Baseline sales increased by 9% in English Canada
-Baseline sales increased by 4.5% in Quebec